Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Summer Shoe Shopping: Day 2

The second day of what seemed like an endless succession of shoe shopping, started bright and early, this time in the Pearl District, on Father's Day.

Pearl District Lofts

Pearl District Al Fresco Dining

After being unsuccessful again we decided to check out some clothing stores, where we had our first major celebrity spotting - the extremely tall Jane Lynch. We kept our distance, she was with her family.

Pearl District Shopping

Pearl District equals fancy shoe stores: Imelda's & Louies and Halo Shoes.

Shoe Shopping - Imelda's & Louie's

More Shoe Shopping - Halo Shoes

Portland is home to the shoe company Keen and they have a terrific "garage" store in the Pearl District. We came close, but decided to continue on the hunt.

Succulent license Plate Planter Box

By this time Anne was fading so a short stop at Lovejoy Bakery for an uplifting chai tea before heading to Pearl Specialty Liquors, hands down the nicest and most comprehensive liquor store in Portland.

Pearl Specialty Liquors

Soon it was time to meet up for a Father's Day brunch with the family. Yama Sushi & Sake Bar was delicious, the sushi was inventive and the bento box lunch was yummy.

Yama Sushi - Father's Day Brunch

At this point we had several shoes on hold, due to the no returns, exchanges only store policies. So we biked home planning to hit up yet another shopping district, but it was all too much for Anne who simply wanted to just hang out in the garden, which turned out to be very "fruitful".

First Berry Harvest

mmmmmm....fruit salad bar for dinner!

Fruit Salad Bar

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