Thursday, July 31, 2008

Travel Update: Something New, Something Old

4 months is a long time and a lot of money. So we had to decide between some countries and cities. One country definately never on the list of maybe was JAPAN! But when you decide to travel to one of the most expensive cities/countries in the world, the second most expensive city/country has to wait for another time. So it will be a little something new (Tokyo) and a little something old (Kyoto) and a little Osaka thrown in for good measure. Rooms are booked - let's just hope there's plenty in the budget now for lots of sushi!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Street Fairs

Any place where you can walk around outside with food in your hand and food every few feet AND interesting things to look at - we're there! A couple of weekends ago we rode-on-down to the Mississippi Street Fair and there was everything a good street fair should have.
Interesting food
Lots of great people watching
Lots of good things to buy or just look at, in our case

Of course the Mississippi Street Fair had its Northwest twists

Activities for the kids, Portland-style

Public Art/Protest People really got into the Starbucks bashing, even though it was obviously fake. Check out the hand-made logo and Granding Opening signage - funny stuff But we did discover a cute little Filipino food stand right in our neighborhood!!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I have purchased my first bento box!!! YAY!!! After viewing this fantastic slideshow, I knew my lunches would never be the same.
Introducing my first bento box, complete with travel size salsa bottle -

My first bento lunch, comprised of leftovers from a gluttonous bbq dinner and a home-made mexican feast

Healthy, economical AND the rectangular size is the perfect shape for my bag! And then I read what the lid said...

Oh little fishies - it was meant to be

Sunday, July 6, 2008

A to the Z

We had friends and family come visit us and to escape the Arizona heat, so it became our summer vacation too!
Here are some highlights...
The coast

The coast the next week


The Gorge

Drinking LOTS of beers

Eating LOTS of great food

Getting re-acquainted

and making new friends

now back to that business plan...