Sunday, February 16, 2014

Neighborhood Places We're Going To Miss

We have lived in the same home for 8 years, and over those 8 years we have seen the neighborhood change dramatically. We were so lucky to find a home that was smack dab in the middle of numerous evolving neighborhoods with so much to offer. During the recent snow storm, we quickly realized how lucky we have been to be within walking distance to so many terrific restaurants, bars, cafes, bakeries, pubs, grocery stores, shops and galleries. But that's what makes Portland such a great city, there's many many more places we'll be exploring in our new neighborhood.

We wanted to give our current neighborhood a proper send off with an ode to the best sushi/sake bar in town, the most amazing Mexican butcher, the cutest locally owned Japanese grocery store, a tapas bar with the best burger we've ever had, French pastries to die for, the best breakfast joint, a clothing boutique to drool over, and how could we forget our two favorite places of all, or our homes away from home. Thanks for so many great memories.

Others we'll miss include this place, this place, this place, this place, this place, this place (not once but several times), this place, this place, this place, this, and this place, this place, and this place. Just to name a few. But don't worry we'll be back, we still need to try this place, this place, and this place.

Recently we visited two of our go-to places and we'll miss having them so close, that's for sure. First up is the Radio Room, just minutes from our house with great drinks, eclectic food menu, friendly attentive staff and we really like the owners. Also, home to one of favorite bar burgers and the most addictive green chili poutine!

Radio Room

Another local spot even closer to us is the Grain & Gristle. We've had breakfast, lunch, drinks and dinner at this place. Heavy comfort food at reasonable prices and their 2-fer nightly specials can't be beat!


We're already stalking spots in our new neighborhood, and hope they're as good to us as these have been. And by no means is this list many more we didn't mention.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Snowapocalypse 2014

We don't get much snow in Portland, a few flakes each year, maybe a half day of snow. If we're lucky, possibly a couple days to enjoy the blinding white, peace and quite only a snow storm can bring. It was short lived, but fully enjoyable. We were suppose to move the weekend the snow storm hit, but the City had other plans, so we blew off school and packing to be urban tourist and roamed around the neighborhood one last time for hours and hours.

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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Year of the Horse Tet Celebrations

This Tet New Year's celebration was made even more special because my baby sister was in town. That meant we spent even more time eating, gambling away lucky money and, well...more eating. There's a Tet superstition that your year will be determined by the first person who steps foot into your home and we're happy to report our new home was blessed by family, so we know it will be a great year. Our Dad was born in the Year of the Horse, so of course he took most of money, including an epic final 3-card hand - should be a lucky year for him! If you're interested in what the Year of the Horse will bring you can read a little about it here. Happy New Year Everyone!

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