Monday, June 17, 2013

Life, As of Late

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Technically summer hasn't started yet, but our perennial garden is really showing off lately; the Rose Festival has come and gone; our berry bushes are coming on strong; we're enjoying walks every night after dinner and during our lunch breaks; we're eating outside every chance we get, as well as cooking outside more; Cooper River Salmon; craving tacos daily; we pulled up the garlic and shallots planted last October; and the vegetable garden beds are ready for some action. I'd say summer has arrived.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Portland Dragon Boat Races

The Portland Dragon Boat Races has become one of my favorite Portland outdoor events. It has shot way pass the Soap Box Derby Races on Mt. Tabor. Why, you ask? Well, on a sunny day there's nothing better than being by the river.
Waterfront AreaCrowd

There really is no bad spot to leisurely watch the races with terrific views of the finish line. 
The Finish LinePhoto FinishReach for the flagFinished

Races occur every 10-15 minutes, as one heat is racing another set of boats are paddling out and getting into position under the Marquam Bridge. So the action keeps coming.
Riverplace DockHeading down to the dockAnd they're offLined Up

On the second day, after times have been set, and the final brackets are positioned with teams evenly matched, the races get really exciting. Even though I didn't know any of the teams, I found myself cheering during the final races.

Final ReachRacingFinish Line

One unexpected bonus of having the Dragon Boat Races occurring the weekend of the Grand Floral Parade and the final weekend of the Festival City Fair was that going to brunch at usually busy restaurants was a breeze!