Wednesday, July 9, 2008


I have purchased my first bento box!!! YAY!!! After viewing this fantastic slideshow, I knew my lunches would never be the same.
Introducing my first bento box, complete with travel size salsa bottle -

My first bento lunch, comprised of leftovers from a gluttonous bbq dinner and a home-made mexican feast

Healthy, economical AND the rectangular size is the perfect shape for my bag! And then I read what the lid said...

Oh little fishies - it was meant to be


Alexa Grey said...

I LOVE your bento box!!! I mean really love it! the design of how it locks down etc, perfect! lol I was wondering where you purchased it at? I can't seem to find one that ingenius lol

Buddha Bellies said...

There is a fabulous Japanese Dollar Fifty Store - YES, I said Japanese One Dollar and Fifty Cents store in the basement of the Westlake Center Mall in downtown Seattle called Daiso! That place rules!