Friday, July 20, 2012

Otto's for Breakfast

Otto's Restaurant
Lately we've been opting for weekend brunches late in the morning and close to home. This has led to trying new weekend brunch spots to avoid the hour long waits that usually accompany popular brunch spots in town. So we headed to Otto.
Otto has a cozy feel with an open kitchen and staff that were overwhelmed with the almost full restaurant for brunch. We tried to squeeze into the front window booth, but it definitely could not fit 4 people. We ordered a delicious corned beef hash, a veggie hash and a small plate of curry wurst.
The creamy potatoes made the hashes much more memorable than others and the corned beef was definitely superior, but what can you expect when you are in dining in a room full of antlers that the owner's father shot.
The currywurst were also delicious. Mixed with fried potato croquettes, shaped long and tubular like the sausage was a nice surprise. Served with tomato ketchup we were happy with this pre-brunch snack.
Otto, definitely a good option if you want typical brunch done well, in a cozy and convenient location.
Dining Table
Delicious Corned Beef Hash

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