Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's a Sparkle Boat Party

A couple of weekends ago we were invited to celebrate July birthdays with a Sparkle Boat Party on Lake Washington in Seattle. We love boat rides and the bay views they offer, so naturally we sparkled up and hopped on for a 3-hour tour of the lake which started just as the sun set over the Olympic Mountains. Seattle never looked so nice.
Ready to Set Sail
And We're Off
Sailing Off Into the Sunset
Space Needle
Boats Docked Along the Lake
Industrial Seattle
Heading Into Lake Washington
There were so many houseboats.
HouseboatsFancy Boathouses
More Boathouses
It's a Sparkle Boat Party!
Sparkle Boat Bar
Sparkley Couple
Birthday Girl Vicki and Friend
Sparkley Partier
The next morning we headed out for a Venezuelan hangover cure at Latin American restaurant Mojito.
Mojito Venezuelan & Latin American Restaurant
Mojitos's Colorful Tropical Dining Area
The bright and cheery restaurant offers an oxtail soup available only on Sundays to help with hangovers. Even though none of us were hungover we were ready for that delicious rich herby soup.
Oxtail Soup
Mojito offered up all the great snacks from Latin America/Caribbean also, including fried yucca (with an overpowering garlic sauce), tostones (flatten deep fried plantains) and arepas (similar to a gordita, made out of cornmeal and layered like a torta).
Fried Yucca with Garlic Sauce
Ham & Cheese Arepa
We ordered a grilled fish plate, the pork plate and a couple fried fish plates. The grilled fish was seasoned with cinnamon and some tropical spices that didn't seem to compliment the fish very well, but it may have been because the fish wasn't very fresh. However the pork plate was terrific, especially the dirty rice and beans. Oddly enough the beans had very little flavor, but were the absolute perfect consistency. The rice, which we suspect was cooked in the water the beans soaked in, was light and starchy, and again with little flavor and mostly texture which accompanied the flavorful pork really well.
Grilled Fish Plate
Mojito's Fried Fish
Pork Plate with Yummy Rice & Beans
Oh Mojitos we'll be dreaming of your limeade-like caipirinhas all summer long!

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