Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Summer Shoe Shopping: Day 1

We spent a good part of the last few weeks dedicated to finding the perfect work shoe. One of us (Mike) has a difficult time finding shoes and needs to try on every single pair before buying; while the other one (Anne) doesn't care for shopping or trying on things, but will gladly go along if there are snacks, treats, cocktails and possibly a pair or two of new shoes to be had. This our attempt and success at finding new shoes (2 for Mike) and (5 for Anne).
First up - Manifesto on Mississippi Avenue.
The beginning of a long week of shoe shopping
One shoe store down and already tired, time to replenish with an early lunch at Little Big Burger under sunny blue skies!
Dining Under a Sunny Sky
Burger Break on a long day of shoe shopping
Next we headed to NE Broadway where several great shoe stores are with many distractions (ie: snacks & treats) in between.
NE Broadway
Footwise Shoe Store
Carmel Freddo to get through a day of shopping
Not successful, so on to the next.
More Shoe Shopping
One of us was successful in finding close-out sale shoes, so a celebration was in order.
Celebrating New Shoes!
One more shoe store was all we had in us, and that ended up unsuccessful, so we biked home and decided to treat ourselves to some dinner & soft serve ice cream for dessert!
Vegetarian Dried Noodles with Fried Chicken Add-On: Boke Bowl
Red Bean Soft Serve!
The streets were packed with people and we soon realized we were in the midst of the annual Naked Bike Ride! It was unplanned we swear!The evening was hot and muggy, so actually a perfect night for a naked bike ride, but we headed home knowing we had another busy day of shoe shopping for that elusive perfect work boot!

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