Friday, July 13, 2012

Father's Day Celebration

It seems that every celebration focusing on BA comes with heavy requests for sushi. With BA's recent dental work, sushi was the only meal he wanted. There are a few sushi restaurants still on our list of must-try and Yama Sushi and Sake Bar was agreed on, due to its proximity to shoe shops and a really good excuse to go for a bike ride. Located in the Pearl District of Portland, with its mix of industrial buildings, new shiny glass towers and good shopping we made a day of it and couldn't think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon, let alone Father's Day with our BA.
Anne Enjoying the View
We never get tired of this view.
View from Broadway Bridge
The mix of new and old.
Pearl District Buildings
American Chicle Co. Building
Bring on the Food Porn. Sorry no pictures of the sushi. What images we did manage to capture were blurry due to the fury that were our hands when our sushi order arrived. But we can say it was delicious with lots of interesting rolls and fresh ingredients. Japanese food is easily one of our favorite types of food, due to the variety and the deliciousness, such as this terrific squid salad.
Squid Salad
One of the best beef yakisoba noodles we have ever had, the beef was tender and flavored perfectly. This was a standout dish of the day.
Beef Yakisoba on a Sizzling Platter
The bento box was delicious as well, who can resist chicken karaage and grilled salmon served in a cute sectioned out box?
Yama Sushi Bento

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