Monday, July 16, 2012

Homemade Burgers

Memorial Day and the 4th of July celebrations included all-American burgers on the menu. Even though we had much healthier salmon as an option we just felt it wasn't U-S-of-A enough. We also recently came across this CHOW TV "You're Doing It All Wrong: How to Make a Burger", which described how to hand-chop your own burger. We were inspired and have been hand chopping our own steak meat into burger patties since. Another key is to not slap the chopped meat in your hands like you are golf clapping, gently form them on a flat surface. MMMMM...grilled-hand-chopped-burgers!

We started with a nice steak cut that was super fatty as instructed by the video.

Fatty Steak for Burgers

Then came the chopping by hand.

Chopping Steak

Chopping Steak for Burgers


All chopped and ready for seasoning.

Chopped and Ready to Mix

We stuffed our with a shredded cheddar-chopped bacon mix.

Stuffing Burgers

Combined and Ready for Grilling

Once the coals were hot and ready to go we slapped the hand-built burgers on the grill!

Grilling in the Rain


We also grilled an onion, which we sliced and placed on the burgers while they were still on the grill and then topped them with a slice of swiss! I know! Crazy!

Swiss Cheese Topped Stuffed Cheddar Burgeres

Ready for Assembly

Burgers are great because they can be personalized and stacked however you like them. One of us doesn't like ketchup on their burgers, while obviously the other person does! And of course the condiments can be arranged however you like.

All the Fixings


MMMMMM....Juicy Lucy Burgertime!

Juicy Lucy Burger

Hope everyone is getting serious grill time in this summer and if you get a chance try chopping your own burger meat, it's totally worth it!

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