Monday, July 2, 2012

Summer Shake-Ups

Late spring and early summer brought many new exciting and not so exciting changes to our lives. We are taking it all in stride and found capturing it all via our iPhones and Instagram to be our new favorite way to stay in touch and remember what we did 24 hours ago! Life moves really fast and we're enjoying keeping up, but looking forward to some summer downtime. Here's some images of our Buddha Bellies life so far. Hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of summer! We're sure glad it's finally here! The berries are crazy abundant this year! Thank you rainy, but mild weather!

It's beginning to look like Summer!

More evidence of the crazy weather we're having, something quite typical in the Pacific NW - grilling in a sudden rain storm, this time with lots of thunder!

Thunderstorm Grilling

We're re-discovering a favorite neighborhood of ours and an old classic: Sheridan Market, with the largest and best selection of grilling chips we have ever seen!

Rediscovering an old classic! Sheridan Market

Butterflies as pets!

Butterfly Pets

Celebratory lunch with an old co-worker meant the best fish & chips in town!

Still the best fish & chips in town! The HorseBrass Pub

Nothing beats breakfast for lunch mid-week!

Breakfast For Lunch - gravy's

It's Copper River Salmon time!

Copper River Salmon!

She's still the love of our lives!

You're Not Food!

An impromptu decision was made when there was no line at Pine State Biscuits!

Fried chicken, fried egg, cheddar biscuit - Pine State Buscuits

Thank You!

Sunday morning walks are made better.

A Reward for an Early Morning Walk

Front yard garden.

Front Yard Garden

Kitchen sink shower time!

Kitchen Sink Shower

Unexpected finds! Rerun!

New Furniture: 8-feet-tall Bookcase

Nothing beats summer cocktails on the patio!

Cocktails on the Patio

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