Thursday, July 26, 2012

Restaurant Review: Japanese Bistro Hana

Sushi Hana Bar

For awhile we found ourselves having sushi every Saturday and soon we started to look forward to "Sushi Saturdays"! We've chronicled our love of sushi here, here and this epic sushi meal. Sushi seems to just hit the spot in the summer: light, refreshing and so healthy. So we were very excited to try a new Japanese Bistro just a short walk from our house.

Housed in a newer building along NE Alberta Street, Japanese Bistro Hana was modern and sleek. We weren't sure what to expect, but we were happily surprised by how affordable the sushi was and that we also arrived during happy hour! So we let our eyes order, which included 2 appetizers - pork gyoza and karaage (fried chicken). Both were good, not memorable in any way, other than the chicken was untypically sweet.



Again, excited by how affordable the sushi was we let our eyes do the ordering - a combo platter which included nigiri (fish/seafood draped over rice), sashimi (just fish/seafood) and a roll of your choice (we chose spicy hamachi). The menu of rolls was huge, so we ordered rolls that had completely different ingredients - the Black Pearl (cucumber, avocado, eel, black tobiko, topped with fried sweet potatoes and unagi sauce) and the Spicy Tataki roll (spicy tuna and cucumber topped with seared albacore, scallions, roasted garlic, and ponzu sauce). We'd never had a sushi roll topped with shoestring fried sweet potatoes or roasted garlic before and it was really good.

Thankfully Hana's menu of rolls is so large because we'll be hitting up that happy hour again soon!

Combo Platter

Platter of Rolls

Mike eyeing his next piece of sushi

Mike enjoying his miso soup

Japanese Bistro Hana2236 NE Alberta Street
Portland, Oregon 97211

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