Thursday, June 10, 2010


Recently we entered a blog contest for a Paella Starter Kit from the Gastronomy Blog which asked What's the Tastiest City and Why? Well immediately we jumped on this one and threw our hats in for Portland. It was actually a really easy entry to post with the abundance of goodness in Portland, but we were not chosen. Claire's reminiscing of Singapore's culinary scene won and well we can't really compete with Singapore. Although we did get honorable mention and a close second shout-out!

To shake off the feeling of defeat we decided to go for a walk and remind ourselves why we like Portland so much. Something we needed to do with the horrible, cold, gray, rainy weather we have been having. The minute the sun came out, we jumped to our feet and went for a stroll. Within minutes we were reminded why Portland is tasty in so many ways.

The Nightmare - we're not sure what this is about, but the stickshift knob is a wooden carved tiki figure. Check out the Italian flag-colored raised spoiler!

A few blocks later we came upon this interesting sight - wouldn't that be great to have fresh honey?

So the sun doesn't shine here nearly enough and it could be warmer most months out of the year, but we love you Portland in spite all that.

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