Thursday, June 17, 2010

It's Beginning to Look and Feel Like Summer

The first weekend that the sun came out in its full glory this year and I was lucky enough to be going to the Oregon coast for a girls' weekend. The warmth of the sun was much needed. Thanks Miss Kimmy V for hosting!

From the moment we stepped into our cars for the drive out to the coast, we knew it was going to be a relaxing weekend.

Having grown up visiting the Oregon coast regularly, I knew that you never know what you're gonna get weather-wise at the coast. It could be gorgeous in Portland and absolutely cloudy and cold on the coast. But we didn't care, we had set a weekend and armed ourselves with books, magazines, games and DVDs in case the weather wasn't going to cooperate. However the weather not only cooperated, but decided to completely show off!

We arrived a little after sunset on Friday and enjoyed some down time before heading off to bed. The sound of the ocean just feet away and below us made for a very restful sleep. Soon the sun was pouring through the windows and the ocean and beach were calling! I was the first to awake and decided to head out to see the ocean, feel the sand and smell the air.

I decided to go for a quick walk to the large rocks at the southern end of the beach.

It was still early out, but many people were already setting up for a nice long sunny day at the beach.

My stomach was growling and I suddenly realized "I haven't even had a cup of coffee yet", so I headed back to the beach house, which was a bit further down the than I remembered, but I didn't care if my calfs would be throbbing later, it was totally worth it!

When I got back to the beach house everyone was up and eating breakfast. Is there anything better than a long walk on a sunny warm beach followed by homemade omelettes and good Oregon coffee? I don't think so, at least not this morning.

We soon finished our delicious breakfasts and headed down to the beach. It was a glorious day and we really couldn't have asked for more!

We did basically what you do on the Oregon coast, we walked along the beach and played chicken with the waves.

We watched the seagulls play chicken with the ocean.

We flew kites.

We buried each other in sand and made ourselves into mermaids.

We poked at, examined and basically was curious about everything on the beach.

We watched the surfers.

We scanned the horizon for whales, but found only fishing boats.

And we sat in awe at the beautiful day, the warm sand and the incredible ocean.

It was such a great weekend. It made me recall all the wonderful memories I have of going to the Oregon coast as a kid and wondered why we don't go more often.

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This looks so beautiful & relaxing! Thanks for stopping by trustyourstyle!