Monday, June 14, 2010

Delicious Vietnam Blogging Event

We are so excited and happy to announce little ol' Buddha Bellies blog will be hosting July's Delicious Vietnam Blogging Event. The brainchild of Anh of A Food Lover's Journey and Hong & Kim of Ravenous Couple. The goal of Delicious Vietnam is to promote and explore the diversity of Vietnamese cuisine.

Heres's how it works -

Anything related to Vietnamese cuisine can be accepted. Such as a spin on a traditional dish or even step by step blog about your favorite Vietnamese dish. Got a favorite Vietnamese restaurant? Write a review. Any culinary experiences in Vietnam you would like to share? That works too. This event is a means to express, explore and share your love of Vietnamese food.

Sounds fun? Here are the rules:

#1 Entries to Delicious Vietnam must be written specifically for this blog event only. Of course, do submit your photos to photo sites and events.

#2 Please make sure your post contain the phrase Delicious Vietnam with a link to this blog ( and to the founders - A Food Lover's Journey and Ravenous Couple. If you use Twitter, please include the tag #deliciousvietnam in your tweet.

#3 The logo is optional in your post, simply right click image at the top of this post and save.

#4 Details, updates, previous Delicious Vietnam entries and complete rules/guidelines can be found at A Food Lover's Journey.

#5 Entries must be in English

#6 If you don't have a blog, never fear, simply email us your entry and we will create a blog entry for non-bloggers.

To join the July Delcious Vietnam Blogging Event, simply write up your post and send to Anne&Mike at by 7pm Pacific Time Sunday, July 11. In your email please include:

-Your Name -Your Blog Name/URL

-Your Post URL

-Your Location

-One photo (300 pixels wide)

We are so happy to be a part of something that will provide insight and share the joy of Vietnamese cuisine without need of a contest, sweepstake or prizes. So if you love Vietnamese food as much as we do we invite you to join!

Looking forward to all the entries! Hope you get out and try some Vietnamese food soon!

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