Friday, May 28, 2010

Buddha Bellies Update

Ever since our return from Asia we've had some questions about the fate of Buddha Bellies. Our extended journey to Asia did drain our funds and there's the wedding to pay for as well. We were both very lucky to come back to jobs and are on our way to recovery, let's hope the same goes for the economy.

We can say that this pause in Buddha Bellies activities has provided us with some time to scan the dining scene in Portland. In the last few years things have greatly changed and we're just taking it in. We occasionally hear about similar adventures and a knot turns in our stomachs, but we can't rush into things simply because we are feeling the pressure. We realize for us to succeed we need to define ourselves well and purposefully.

With summer slowly approaching we realized we didn't really take much time to enjoy our summer last year. We had been home for a few months, but was still catching up mentally, emotionally, and financially. But this year we have decided to start enjoying our beautiful city, attempt to tackle our restaurant to-eat list, explore areas of the city we haven't spent much time in, definitely cooking more and continue to work on our business plan.

So, yes Buddha Bellies is still in the works and we feel things ramping up soon. We plan to continue updating on our progress right here at the blog. We'll be sprinkling bits and pieces of our meals, research, life, observations, interest, and basically whatever we feel like talking about. Sorry if that seems random, but sometimes life is just that - random.

So that is our update in a nutshell. What about you? What are your plans for the summer?

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robshak said...

Summer plans? Australia! With a stop over in Portland, of course!