Thursday, May 13, 2010

More Travel Inspiration

We love maps. We had a map of the Pacific Ocean area up in our dining room for months prior to our trip. We drew on it, we put post-its all over, we jotted down notes. Maps make us dream of exotic locations, food, people and adventure.

While doing further wedding research we came across these fantastic modern maps. Again the typography, design, style and colors inspired us to dream beyond the traditional and incorporate our love of travel into our wedding theme.

We love these typographical maps by designers These Are Things.

Remember that wall of travel posters we dreamed of having? What about a wall map we could stare at all day instead of the tv? Daydreaming is way better for the soul. We'll take that Danish modern couch too.

World Map Screen Print by Callaghan Art Gallery. Comes in numerous colors to coordinate with any decor.

Other great wall maps include this great world map vinyl decals by Wall Decor. Plane and jet stream are separate decals, but come with the map!

We also really like the World Bar Code Painting by Mike Best.

We found many unique maps, such as this one utilizing state license plates by Aaron Foster Designs.

Traditional and vintage maps were easy to find, but currently we are into maps like this one by Old Paper and Pages. Maybe it's the lines signifying travel routes that drew us in.

We really like colorful city maps also, having relied on numerous similar ones on our trips, like these by Andrewmaps. There's nothing more exciting than "mapping" out your day on a detailed full scale map!

We found there are many other people out there who are in love with maps as much as we are and maybe our invitations will look something like this by Second Edition, who utilize old atlases for their handmade envelopes.

And speaking of atlases we have been in love with the King Fisher Atlas of the World book we found at the library. Everytime we hear about an exotic country we pour over the book, soaking up information. It's brief descriptions of every country in the world makes us want to slap a TO DO post-it on the book and head out to see the world

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