Saturday, May 8, 2010

Travel Inspiration

We're in the middle of finalizing some details on our wedding. Yes, the planning is finally underway! Once some of the larger details are decided we can finally move onto the fun stuff, like the theme and invitations! We've been looking for inspiration that screams Anne & Mike, possible a theme we can run with. There's so many examples out there and in our search for ideas we came across some great typography city posters we fell in love with, like the prints above by design team The Heads of State.

Continuing on theme of great cities, we found so many great prints, which made us want to go out and book an airline ticket - pronto! Here are some of our favorites. The colors, typography, design and style of these prints made each city that more appealing and we definitely gathered more than a few ideas and lots of inspiration.

Digital Poster Prints by Taylor's Typographical Art Posters

City Prints by Blanca Gomez

We fantasize about a whole wall in our house covered with city prints that we could put little red dots on the corner of once we have visited the places in the poster. These prints by Belize artist Ignacio are a perfect example of what would have on our travel wall.

Steve Forney's tranquil travel prints would also be on our travel wall.

As well as his landmark illustrations

This print series titled "A Toast to...." by JHill Design are graphically gorgeous with fabric inspired cut outs and come in numerous states and countries.

We found romantic art deco travel posters by French illustrator Roger Broders that capture the beauty, romance and appeal of his European cities posters he created for the Paris-Lyon-Mediterranee train lines.

And what collection of travel posters would be complete without a few Kerne Erickson prints? His Americana-style, bold colors, vintage style and unique sense of type inspires us to create something that makes us feel the same way we do when we look at his posters - excitement about hitting the road for some new adventures.

Kerne Erickson's retro prints are said to be inspired by vintage photographs and brochures. Whatever his inspiration his love of beach scenery had us dreaming of a coastal vacation soon.

We have gained so much inspiration from these prints and posters, we hope to be able to capture the same sense of nostalgia and beauty. For now we're finding inspiration from this Ork Poster given to us as a gift, we just need to frame it and get our travel inspiration wall started.

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