Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sunny San Diego Breakfast

We decided to take advantage of low airfares and a birthday to celebrate and spend a long weekend in sunny San Diego. We were looking forward to a change in scenery, some warmth, great seafood and sun.
We arrived early in the day and checked into the historic Sophia Hotel downtown. We dropped off our bags and headed a few blocks to the Gaslamp District where we heard about a great breakfast restaurant called the Broken Yolk. The Gaslamp District was quiet so early in the morning until we turned the corner to where The Broken Yolk restaurant was with a huge line of people. We did pass several restaurants severing breakfast, but we were on the hunt for some huevos!
Broken Yolk
Broken Yolk Menu
Breakfast Burrito
Beef Chorizo Omelette
We ordered a California Breakfast Burrito and a Beef Chorizo Omelette. The avocados in the breakfast burrito were pass their ripeness and overpowered the burrito, but the beans were fantastic. The beef chorizo was a total treat. Similar to a ragu with shredded beef in a thick red sauce that went well in the omelette and definitely something we can't get back home. It was a sunny and lively start to our mini-vacation.

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