Thursday, April 19, 2012

Balboa Park Easter Part II

The Crowds Inside the Botanical Building
We knew we were taking a risk of big crowds in Balboa Park for Easter, but it was the only day we had to go so we braved it and it turned out to be a lovely day. Had we known the Prado Restaurant in the middle of the park was having a Easter Brunch Buffet we may have even joined the crowds for the impressive brunch.

Prado Restaurant Courtyard
We had a great afternoon wandering through the Spanish inspired buildings and courtyards. We especially enjoyed the unique vegetation in the park, many plants we would never find back home.

Lily Pond Infront of Botanical Building

Spanish Style Alcantar Garden

Alcantar Garden

The Performing Arts Tower

The Alcantar Garden

Tropical Plants and Spanish Architecture

Spanish Style Arched Walkway

Blooming Palm
The highlight of the park for us was the Botanical Building. The open structure held an impressive collection of palms, succulents and cactus. These colorful plants were exactly what we expected to see in the warm climate of San Diego.

Front of Botanical Building

Huge Trumpet Flowers

Botanical Building

Roof Inside the Botanical Building

Inside the Botanical Building

Blooming Cactus


Orchid Growing Out of Mossy Tree

Orchid Growing Out of Tree
The flora wasn't the only interesting things we saw, this little lizard was calmly sunning himelf, which gave us ideas of our own.

Sunning Lizard

Mike Soaking Up the Sun

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