Friday, April 27, 2012

Memorable Meals: San Diego Downtown Fish Joint

Downtown Fish Joint

It would be pretty hard, if not impossible, to top our birthday celebratory dinner at Nobu, but the San Diego Downtown Fish Joint comes pretty darn close. The next morning following our exquisite dinner at Nobu we were flying back home to Portland and didn't want to stray too far from the hotel. So with the help of a handy dandy iPhone app we discovered one of San Diego's little gems - the Downtown Fish Joint.

While packing up the last of our things and trying to assure nothing important was left behind in our hotel room, we cruised the internet for suggestions for one last fish taco. There were plenty of places not too far, but just far enough that we thought for a second we would be relegated to eating something more traditional before boarding our flight home. That is until we found on Yelp, detailed descriptions of a fish joint only 1 and half blocks away. The reviews spoke of inexpensive, delicious fish tacos and simple vinegary coleslaw, plus their doors opened early enough to leave us plenty of time to finish the bottle of wine we had left back in our hotel room.

We were the first people there that morning and placed an order for a fish taco platter and 1 grilled swordfish taco. We had a small issue with being the first to arrive that morning and us only having a $100 bill, so back to the RiteAid where we originally got the wine a couple nights before, a tin of altoids and some change and we were back on track.

The fish tacos were huge and beautifully crispy fried. The coleslaw was simple, vinegary and refreshing a perfect combo to the fish tacos. The two fish taco platter portions were huge and if that wasn't enough for a mere $7.00, it came with waffle fries! Seriously, waffle fries, we were in heaven!

Downtown Fish Joint Crispy Cod Taco 

Hands down our favorite fish taco was the grilled swordfish taco. Again, huge portion, more like a swordfish burrito once we wrapped it up and tried to take a bite. 

Grilled Sturgeon Taco 

Both tacos came dressed simply with shredded cabbage and a sprinkling of a tart runny sourcream sauce, fresh tomatos, some shredded cheddar, and cilantro. The flour tortillas were warm and spongy, not sure if they were made in-house, but they were definitely as good as the hand-made tortillas we got in Old Town a few days before.

San Diego's Downtown Fish Joint a total gem of a find and one of the memorable meals we had during our trip to Sunny San Diego!

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