Monday, April 23, 2012

Daytripping: Coronado Island

After our tasty fish taco lunch we walked back to the bay's boardwalk and purchased tickets for the ferry to Coronado Island. We love leisurely ferry rides and the at water-level-views.

Downtown San Diego

Midway Battleship Museum From the Bay

Anne on the Ferry

We weren't traveling out to Coronado Island to spend some time at the beach, we were actually on the hunt for yes another fish taco. But as we strolled towards the beach we realized we'd rather keep strolling along Coronado's cute neighborhoods and forget about fish tacos for now.

Coronado Shops

We leisurely walked down a gorgeous street lined with beach cottages, overpriced homes and beautiful blooming trees and flowers.

Coronado Mission Style Homes

Coronado Colorful Flora

Mike with Sunny Birds of Paradise

At the end of the street was the gorgeous Coronado beach and grand Coronado Beach Hotel.

Corondo Beach

Beach Goers at Coronado

The Beach at Coronado

Coronado Lifeguard House

Coronado Beach's dunes

Coronado Beach Hotel

Even though San Diego is a major beach destination, we did not pack any swimwear or even flipflops for that matter. Instead we made our way to the Coronado Beach Club to enjoy an ice cold Stone Brewery beer and a view of the beach and lovely palm trees, people and fighter jet watch.

Mike Enjoying a Beer at Coronado Beach Club

Stone Brewery Beer

Coronado Beach Palm Trees
Fighrter Plane

We could have easily spent the rest of the day getting hammered by the sea, but we had dinner reservations so we walked back through the lovely beach neighborhood and enjoyed a lovely view of the city while waiting for the ferry. Coronado Island should be tops on your list of places to go in San Diego and definetly by ferry.

Dining With A View by Ferry Dock

San Diego Bay from Coronado Ferry Area

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