Thursday, April 22, 2010

More Saigon Celebrating

This is our great aunt and she turned 72 on our last night in Saigon. 72! She does not look 72! When we first arrived back in Saigon we immediately called her and invited everyone out to have banh xeo with us, but everyone was too busy getting ready for her birthday party that night. Instead we made plans to join the festivities later that evening.

The birthday dinner party was being held on the rooftop terrace and as the sun went down and the city lights turned on we feasted on behalf of our great aunt with friends and family.

The feast started with shrimps cooked in coconut milk - succulent, delicious. Then moved onto fresh eggrolls rolled in a threaded rice paper (we have yet to find the threaded rice paper back in the US), a rich tomatoey ragu eaten with baguettes and, of course fried rice.

And before we headed to the airport for our long flight home we each had a piece of cake. Sweets made in Asia, strike that, everywhere other than the United States aren't as sweet and have a much more complex and pleasing taste than just sugary sweetness. We were just happy to be able to share in our great aunt's birthday celebrations!

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