Sunday, April 4, 2010

Daytripping: Ninh Hoa

It seems we weren't the only ones expecting some R&R during our visit. When asked if we wanted to go to the beach for the day, we were like meh. But the minute we saw our cousins' faces fade we realized they were looking forward to a day at the beach. They were home from the big city and wanted some reprive from the heat also. So we packed a lunch off we went.Unlike our beach excursion this time last year to the same locals beach, it was packed with local Vietnamese on vacation with their families. We quickly grabbed a covered area and settled in for a beautifully breezy day at the beach!A serious contender, especially this day, for best beach in the world we've been to with clean white sand, bath-water-temperature ocean swimming with no need for sandles (the sand is that soft) where the water is so clear we could see all the way to our painted toes!

Of course this is Vietnam so snacks are a plenty and readily available, including a drumstick ice cream cone that cost the same as two cans of beer and fresh pressed sugarcane juice served in a plastic bag with a straw tied to the top for sipping.We swam, got sunburnt, snacked and napped under the palm trees. Paradise.

It was a lovely day at the beach and nice way to start the new year.

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