Friday, April 9, 2010

Central Vietnam Specialty: Mi Quang

Mi Quang is a rare Vietnamese noodle dish that is actually dry, not soupy, but just as delicious as the other well known Vietnamese noodle dishes. The key flavor to Mi Quang is tumeric soaked noodles with a light delicate broth, but our host made a slightly tweaked version, where the chicken and the egg was simmered in tumeric and served with spicy pork sausage over simply boiled rice noodles. The flavor came from the light broth at the bottom of the bowl along with the chicken, egg and pork patty.Mi Quang is a great dish to eat on hot days, no steaming soup, but it's just as satisfying because of the layers of flavors to the dish. There are, of course, tons of delicious greens in the bowl and on the side if you wish to add more.

Chilis to spice it up, if you wish.

And a fish sauce dipping sauce to add more kick if it's not salty, spicy or tangy enough.The extra special kick to Mi Quang is the fried wontons.

What made this particular bowl of Mi Quang so good was the fact that everything was left mainly on the side and each person got to pick their own fixings and pile on the items they like and not eat anything they didn't like. Much like the way we eat at home, which made the meal all that more delicious.

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