Thursday, April 29, 2010

Buddhas & Bikes

The business directly across the alley from our traditional Korean restaurant had the most incredible collection of stone Buddhas. We're a little obsessed with Buddhas, hence the title of this blog and the fact that we have quite a collection of Buddhas ourselves. We love them and there were some great ones along the side of this building.

We love the fact that Buddha interpretations can be very regional with very distinct Buddhas and Korea has some of the most serene Buddha statues.

There were numerous traditional Buddhas we are all familiar with lining the side of the building as well.

So, what was this business with so many Buddhas out front? A Harley Davidson Shop called Big Bear Choppers.

Who said bikers aren't zen?

Here is a picture of the Harley Shop from the freeway. We didn't even notice the eco-roof until we got home and saw the picture we had taken.

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