Monday, April 19, 2010

Back to the Beginning

We're heading back to Saigon to catch our 16 hour flight back to the US. Due to some confusion on our parts we've mistakenly scheduled our flight from DaNang back to Saigon a day early so we've got a extra day in Saigon - yipee!

Upon checking into our flight at the DaNang airport we were given our seat assignments and a voucher for the VIP room. Wait, what, there's a VIP room? Unfortunately for us we had arrived at the airport with barely enough time before the shuttle to the airplane was boarding. So, we can not tell what a Vietnam Airline VIP room consist of, but we can tell you what flying Business Class is like and well, it's fabulous! Look at that leg room, we sure could have used that much space on our 16 hour flights!

And the cute little snack finger sandwiches were fantastic! Much better than the Cha Lua (Vietnames pressed pork patty) sandwiches offered back in couch. And a full beverage/snack service for an hour flight is unheard of back in the states!

This is no exaggeration, but that one hour flight was the best sleep we got the whole trip. Maybe it was something about all that room, or how the seats reclined in every possible manner or maybe it was the snack was served on proper china and real silverware. Either way it was luxurious.

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