Sunday, December 14, 2008

Water Puppet Mastery

Farmers and fisherman of Northern Vietnam used to entertain themselves when the rice fields and rivers would flood during monsoon season by putting on elaborate water puppet shows. Today this form of entertain can be enjoyed at Hanoi's Water Puppet Theater on the edge of the Old Quarter. For only $4 for an hour-long water puppet show complete with traditional music played on traditional instruments.

The music for the show was traditional and reminiscent of ancient operas played all over the country. The musicians wore traditional clothing and played traditional instruments that added to the unique tradition of the water puppets.

The plays focused on traditional themes and everyday life, such as working in the fields, tending to the geese and trying to keep cats from eating them, fishing, mating dragons, funeral processions.

The puppets were beautiful and there were even fireworks. We would recommend anyone visiting Hanoi to attend one of the water uppet shows.

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