Monday, December 1, 2008

Shibuya Crossing

The busiest intersection and crossing in the world is in Tokyo and we wanted to experience it in all its glory.  We had only been to Shibuya for the Dubstep show our first night in Tokyo and as our time was winding down in this wonderful city we decided to ignore our aching feet and strapped on our shoes and head out to see the madness for ourselves. 

We were a bit tired and beginning to come down with a headcold, but we couldn’t let that stop us. 

As we walked up the stairway exiting the subway we could feel the energy of the area immediately.  Similar to Times Square in New York we could feel the energy and our feet and heads felt lighter with every step we took towards the famous intersection.  
The 7-way intersection is towered by glass buildings on each side that doubled as gigantic televisions.  Alleyways with more shops and restaurants spider out from the intersection and we just stepped out and got lost in it all. 

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