Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Junkfood Highlight: Japan

While trying to get rid of the remaining ¥2000, or $20 at the airport before leaving Japan we came across these.

Being outrageously priced at almost ¥900 or $9.00 for the box, we thought this would be the one time we’d try green tea Kit Kats – why not? It wasn’t until we reached Vietnam did we break open the box.

After the first bite we realized we shouldn't have gotten the two beers and spent the last remaining Yen we had on another box.  These were insanely good. Made with no corn syrup, which most candy abroad is, the light creamy flavor of the green tea coating complimented the delicate KitKat wafers perfectly. Please, please, please let our local Japanese market carry these – we’ll buy them by the case, scratch that, by the truck load!

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