Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Autumn

Happy Autumn. In our part of the world that means one thing - boots! I am holding out, but each week it gets harder not to pull out a pair of socks and my beloved boots. To help with the transition I am getting inspiration from the fabulous fashion blog - Japanese Street Fashion. I love how committed the Japanese are to their current fashion themes and wow, are they stylish.

Here is my account of Japan, the most stylish place on the planet. Let's start with boots.

What about some shoes?

One interesting common fashion theme among the women was pairing dangerously short skirts or shorts with boots. And I'm talking women of all ages. But now I get it. People in Japan spend a lot of time in the city. Apartments are small and minimal so people spend a lot of their time out, so comfort and style is key. Clothes need to be easy to move in and a bag, always have a bag. Japanese women love their heels and I could not understand how they spent all day in them. In the subways and on the streets, its all you hear - heels clapping against tile and concrete floors. Clap, clap, clap, clap...faster when the train is approaching.

Even the men had mad street style.

The men even carried stylish bags!

Oddly enough, I was at a cloudy reggae show recently and standing in front of me were a handful of Japanese tourist. And yes, they were the only men in the place with visible "purses".

So here's to a happy autumn and some stylish new boots!

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