Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Winter's Thaw

Sometimes I wish I could stop time, so I can fully take in and enjoy it all, and these final winter days we've been having would be one of those times. Not quite spring yet, but definitely not the dead of winter anymore; when there is no longer a need to wear gloves, but scarves and wool coats are still necessary, along with sunglasses though. I'm trying to make an effort to sit back and truly enjoy this time because before we know it, spring rains and blooming rhododendrons will be upon us. We're definitely looking forward to warmer weather and being outside more, but there's something comforting about being all bundled up and still enjoying the sunshine on your face. The following are just a few images of the final days of winter. Counting them down, but enjoying them all the same.

Riverside Cherry BlossomThree Birds and the BridgeRed BloomPink Tower and Pink BlossomsSteel BridgeRiver DogCrossing the Steel BridgeWaterfront Cherry BlossomsSpring BlossomsCherry BlossomsDog RunFishingRiverplace Dock

1 comment:

robshak said...

So beautiful. Stefan's jealous!
'how come's they have blossoms already??" Ha! Loved the poetry box!