Friday, March 29, 2013


Healthy Cooking

Life around here hasn't been the most fun lately. Doctor appointments have been made, lab results have been provided and we're left scratching our heads - again. Frustrating? Yes. Unattainable good health? No. We have to press reboot and start over. Bye bye bacon. Bye bye daily espresso. Bye bye night cap of brown liquor - scotch, bourbon or whiskey. Hello constant hunger. Hello healthy high maintenance meal planning and cooking.

After a moment to absorb what all this means and how it really will impact our lives, we realized it won't too much. It's all in your attitude, right? We may not be indulging in our favorite pass time of over eating and dining out as much, but we're not planning to cut it out of our lives completely. We still have to eat, but it just may not be during happy hour for awhile. And that is ok.

We've been told to switch to a mostly vegetable diet, no grains, no sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol, no meat, no potatoes, no corn, no commercial eggs, no dairy - no fun. NO WAY! We're up to the challenge and looking forward to revisiting some of our macrobiotic recipes and reincorporating some of the Body Ecology Diet guidelines, but thankfully we don't have to be as strict this time - we can still have vinegar, mushrooms and fruit. Basically it boils down to discipline and our health is more important than a beer and burgers (most days it is at least).

Homemade Yogurt {homemade yogurt for probiotic goodness}

Meal Prep 
{lots of vegetables, organic non-commercial eggs, and boiled skinless chicken - sounds delicious doesn't it? It actually is!}

Chef-Codd Salad
{salads with every meal to keep us full and healthy. Who said salad has to be boring? My chef/cobb salad making skills are pretty dope}

Asparagus {buying organic and in season}

Zilla Hijiki Salad {this hijiki salad - the Japanese believe in following a food color theory where each meal should include foods in colors that mimics nature - white, red and yellow I get; but blue and black? That's definitely not typical in a western diet. Addicted to this hijiki salad from Zilla Sake House, eating it a least 3x a week.}


The decision to eat better may not be on our terms, but we're determined to make the most of it. We'll be exploring healthy options around the city, when we go on vacation, that's when it may get a bit sticky. Stay tuned - for better health soon!

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