Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Life, As of Late

Spring is almost here and we can not wait! Neither can Portland, by the looks of how many people were out and about this past weekend. Since it was an absolutely gorgeous day, we got on our bikes and checked out the new open European style market in the Pearl District, as well as poked our heads into some of the high end design shops (can we just move into the Design Within Reach space?) and found a nice sunny spot to enjoy a snack and some cocktails. We had several terrific meals with friends and family, and made a big pan of fried rice for the week, which ended up being enough for one meal. We've got some big plans for the yard this year and made some progress with getting it prepared for the glorious spring and summer. Day light savings really sucked this year, but we're making the best of the time shift, before we know it, it'll be summer!


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Lindsay said...

I have driven past Local Choice a few times and have been curious to check it out