Friday, September 9, 2011

Memorable Meals: Sushi Birthday

Birthday Boy

For three years Dad has hinted he wanted some homemade sushi and his hints grew louder and more frequent as his birthday neared. Even inlisting family members!

One of us said with ease "sure, no problem" and the other person said "uuggghhh, how many days of prep will this take?". Surprisingly with less than a few hours for shopping and prep we all were presented with a feast of homemade sushi.

Full Sushi Spread

We got everything ready "sushi-bar style".

Ready to Make Sushi

Sushi Fixings

More Sushi Fixings

Everyone got to make their own special rolls.

Mike & BA Making Sushi

Rolling Tuna & Mango Rolls

Making Sushi Rolls

BA's Spider Roll

So Proud of His Roll

Then we feasted outside under a warm summer evening.

BA & ME Ready to Eat

There was a sashimi plate, gunkanmaki, nigirizushi and even tempura!

Roe, Razor Clams, and Eel Plate

We were even treated to oshizushi or press box sushi.


However, the best part was eating all those personalized and traditional rolls!

Spicy Tuna Rolls

Delicious Custom Sushi Rolls

Tempura Shrimp Rolls

Sushi is a great summer meal and an even better birthday meal!

BA, Mike & ME

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