Friday, September 23, 2011

Little Big Burger

Little Big Burger

The name says it all. The menu board and pricing also says it all.

Inside Menu Board

You can pretty much get a burger anywhere in Portland, but for $3.75 and it not be fast food?! We were skeptical so we thought we'd split one, but soon realized Little Big Burger's burgers are slider-sized burgers, so we opted for two cheese burgers (blue cheese and cheddar).

Classic Cheddar Cheeseburger

The quality of the ingredients from the meat to the bun to the cheese really made these little suckers fantastic! Winner!

Blue Cheese Burger and Truffle Fries

Another winner were the fries. Yes even though they were fancy truffle fries (the only kind listed on the menu) they were starchy, salty and crispy potato goodness. For $10.25 we were able to grab a low-key snack on an otherwise spendy dining options part of town!

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