Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Moon Festival


This post is a bit late, but did you celebrate the Mid-Autumn Harvest Moon? Did you sip tea under the glorious full moon?

In Vietnam the Moon Festival is basically their version of Halloween. Kids light lanterns and parade through the village. In China the Moon Festival an opportunity for some matchmaking. And for both it means some yummy mooncakes with your tea under the full moon.

This year I did have the yummiest mochi mooncake I have ever eaten! It was only half a bite because the mooncakes were special gifts. This mooncake was a soft mochi skinned mooncake that was sublimely naturally sweet, starchy from coconut creamy yellow beans and a salty punch that came from what looked like salted rubbed chinese sausage. Yes, you heard it right - salt rubbed chinese sausages! The mooncake was amazing and if the last one wasn't a durian flavored mooncake I would have wrestled my dad for it. I have yet to find anyone who sells them in our neck of woods. If you know of anyone who sells mochi skinned mooncakes like the ones below, I'll buy you one!

Photos courtesy of Masak-Masak Blog

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