Sunday, November 14, 2010

Batidos: Costa Rican Drink of Choice

Some of us had one major goal while in Costa Rica - drink as many batidos as humanly possible.

These fresh fruit whipped-to-a-smoothie-like-consistency drinks were addictive. Especially with all the fresh tropical fruits available. We made it a mission to taste them all!

Similar to a Vietnamese Sinh To or fruit smoothies and nothing like a Mexican aqua fresca, batidos are traditionally mixed with just water or milk. And they were delicious.

We had a mango batido, papaya batido, a lemonada batido, a blackberry batido and a pineapple batido. Some were made with milk and some were made with just water/ice and all were delicious.

Batidos - found at every restaurant, soda, and cafe in Costa Rica!

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Unknown said...

Mmmm that sounds delish!

xo Mary Jo