Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Where Life's a Beach

When we thought about Costa Rican beaches we envisioned lush green jungles that trickled down onto a beautiful sandy beach. And well, we were about right.

We decided to dedicate a day to exploring the outer beaches of the area on a rare sunny day, but after some frustration with the rental car we ended up exploring only two local beaches close to our Playa Hermosa.

We trekked over the lush hills to the next coved beach areas Playa Coco and Playa Octocal. We had visited Playa Coco (Coco Beach) a few nights before to check out the disco scene, which is alive and kicking with locals, which was nice to see. We heard Playa Octocal was a white sand beach which meant cleaner water, a great swimming beach and snorkeling. We didn't get a chance to dip our toes in the water, again rental car issues - Boo for Budget! But we did manage to take a few pictures and see the lovely beach area we'll definitely be back to enjoy someday.

We'd go back and enjoy the calm waters and have lunch and shoot some pool at Father Roosters.

We took some photos, soaked up the beautiful scenery and then headed back to return to the Villas to return the rental car.

After returning the rental car we decided to head down to our local Playa Hermosa and soak up the sun and more importantly get in the water.

It was around 4pm and we knew from our week long stay that by 5:30pm it would be completely dark, but that didn't keep the locals from enjoying the beach until the sunset.

We've mentioned how terrifically modern Costa Rica is right? Well here's an example of that. All the beaches in Costa Rica are public, no beach area can be purchased and privatized including the secluded hillside beaches along the coves. If you can get to the beach by boat, you can enjoy it openly and freely. The government also says its a no-no to sell things on the beach so we were not bothered by anybody selling souveniors or trinkets. It was nice because we relaxed and really enjoyed our cute little Playa Hermosa.

Costa Rican Sunset from Buddha Bellies on Vimeo.

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