Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Real Estate Stalking: Sydney, Australia

During our travels there were many cities we felt we could easily live in and Sydney, Australia is definitely one of those cities. We really liked the laid back beach vibe smack dab in the middle of a major urban city surrounded by water and tropical plants. Sydney is the type of city where you toss away the map and just walk through the neighborhoods.

We knew the cute boxy gingerbread townhouses that lined the streets of Paddington weren't as small as they appeared on the outside, but like the shop houses we loved in Malaysia and Singapore we wondered what these narrow homes looked like on the inside. What rooms were just off the iron balcony upstairs?

Won't someone let us in so we can see for ourselves?

Well, we're pretty resourceful and if you won't let us in, we'll find someone who will.

We warned you we were serious Real Estate Stalker right? If only to see what's inside these ornately narrow homes in posh Paddington.

We did manage to catch a few glimpses of what lays behind these seamless homes.

Up close these urban courtyards were even more than we imagined and got us thinking....

So, what if the Paddington Area is way over-priced. Sydney has many other great neighborhoods. Many that come with spectacular views.

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