Thursday, November 18, 2010

Toking on the Contraband

From all our travels we have gathered quite a collection of cigars from around the world, but the one elusive cigar we had yet to experience was the famed cigars from Cuba. And even though our Villa had a strict no smoking policy in the rooms, we simply puffed on our Cuban contraband on the balcony each night.

We actually tried several cigars including the famed Cuban Cohibas and several Costa Rican cigars. We got our cigars from a very kind and helpful tobacconist who recommended us a few Cubans to taste, all which turned out to be extraordinary.

Did you know that you're never suppose to stub out a cigar? That you choose one by how long you have to enjoy it and what you are in the mood for. We were happy with the great selection in many price ranges available in Costa Rica. So many we couldn't decide which ones to smoke each night!

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Unknown said...

Nothing like a great cuban cigar! That looks so tempting!

xo Mary Jo