Wednesday, April 1, 2009

You're Shitting Me

While on the beautiful island of Bali we went to a coffee and fruit plantation where we sat sampling different kinds of coffee
while gazing out at the jungle hill tops
covered with bambooand wild coffee bushes
This is where we also had an opportunity to taste the famous Kopi Luwak, said to be the most expensive and rarest coffee in the world. The beans are eaten by a wild Luwak Cat similar to a raccoon in the US
then defecates the beanswhich are then harvested and “hygienically” processed. Did we taste any of this rare exotic coffee – you bet we did!
It was delicious, a terrific coffee flavor that lingered in your mouth only, strong and a little bitter. The price tag matched the taste, at $68 for half a kilo! Well worth it, but well out of our budget so one cup will have to do! Thank you little Luwak!

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Cinnastickz said...

Oh! I am a jealous hater. First of all, y'all look tan . . .hella tan. And on top of that you are sipping on gourmet coffee that has been shat out of an Asian Raccoon. I can tell you my day hasn't been nearly as exciting in rainy-cold Oregon. The goods news is that it makes me feel alright that somewhere in the world, two awesome people are having an amazing time. America is so depressing right now . . . I am glad you're living it up in Asia-- I am living vicariously through you. Keep blogging!