Sunday, March 29, 2009

Phuket, Thailand

$6, one ferry, one large bus, one minibus and 5 hours later we arrived in the famous Thailand peninsula Phuket. We were looking forward to sitting on the beach, visiting the gorgeous Phi Phi islands, snorkeling and just soaking up the sun.Again we managed to find a terrific resort that was across from the beach and had what turned out to be the best breakfast buffet of the whole trip. Our tropical garden resort was ideally located a block from the beach and sandwiched in between good restaurants and nightlife.On our first night we had a decadent dinner of local lobster. We couldn’t resist after seeing the huge selection of fresh seafood displayed right out front of the restaurant.
The lobsters were the most beautiful ones we have ever seen.
The next night we decided to go to a large row of open-air seafood restaurants called the 99 Restaurant. Each eating establishment had its own name and section, but they all basically sold the same thing – fresh seafood and Thai food.
We decided on the Red Boat because it smelled the best and was packed.
The night before we had splurged on lobster so we decided on the more economical vegetarian noodles and a pork noodle, both were delicious.We spent a terrific week eating memorable buffet breakfasts, soaking up the hot sun that never seem to move from the same spot in the sky and leisurely drinking the best Thai Iced Teas while checking emails.We decided at the last minute to fly directly into Penang, Malaysia and had to find accommodations for one night and stayed at The Tiger Inn - interesting place.The reception area is in the main restaurant where breakfast was served, is designed to look like a jungle cave.Phuket was really nice, the best water for swimming and sand we found our whole trip. We had no agendas, no rush, just life – paradise.

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