Thursday, April 9, 2009

Malaysian Breakfast

After spending our first day in Penang exploring the amazing sights and sounds of Little India
We decided to head to another cultural district - Chinatown.
We were fortunate enough to be in Penang shortly after Chinese Lunar New Year and celebrations were continuing long into the night with fireworks and LOUD firecrackers until late. We headed out the next morning in search of a Malaysian Kopi Shop or coffee shop. Malaysian coffee shops are more than your typical get a cup-of-joe establishments, tables are inside with independent food vendors surrounding the dining area.We started by sitting down at an empty table where soon a nice Chinese woman came by and asked what we would like. We quickly looked around and pointed and asked what people were eating. After a very short description we placed our order for Wan Than Mee or wonton noodle soupKoay Teow or flat rice noodles in a chicken soup with steamed fish cakes and mushrooms
A cup of Kopi Susu or strong coffee with sweetened condensed milkand two cups of fresh squeeze juice
Which the waitress yelled across the dining area and the individual cart owners quickly responded and brought our soups promptly.We slowly ate our late breakfast, taking in the busy kopi shop. It was barely noon and already several stalls were closed even though people continuously came in and out to grab a quick coffee or meal. That’s when we noticed our waitress was busy delivering what looked to be like large crispy cabbage rolls. We immediately got her attention and ordered one. She quickly brought over a Poh PiahThe very thin pancake-like skin was crispy and soft due to a broth being poured over them before serving. The stuffing inside consisted of cooked cabbage, peanuts and minced shrimp. Light, refreshing and tasty. A perfect ending to our Malaysian late breakfast.

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