Friday, April 3, 2009

Daytripping: Phi Phi Island

There are hundreds of daytrips to take while on Phuket, Thailand. We decided to take a daytrip to see the famous Maya Bay and Phi Phi Islands.Maya Bay lies in between Phuket and the mainland Thailand and surrounded by limestone islands. Our trip consisted of a speedboat out into the ocean towards the calm waters of the beautiful bay.True to the waters and beaches of Southern Thailand the sand and sea was the best we encountered.
Maya Bay is a sandy beach nestled in between limestone islands.
But due to the popularity of the movie the Beach it was crowded!
Luckily we weren’t at the beach area for long and headed out to the limestone islands to snorkel and see the abundant sea life created by the limestone reefs.We then had lunch on the famous Phi Phi Islands. The islands were still recovering from the Tsunami of 2004, but we enjoyed our fairly average lunch and headed out to an elephant safari.We would have loved to spend more time in the bay and thought about possibly seeing another island on the bay, but after several weeks of beaches we were ready to head out to see something different.

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Unknown said...

Must have been tough, oh another beach, that was soooo yesterday. But hey, I would love to have that decision each day, beach no beach.