Friday, August 16, 2013

Miss Delta Anniversary Dinner

Our second wedding anniversary fell on a Tuesday. The week prior was extremely stressful and the day of our anniversary was particularly frustrating. Initially we had hoped for a quiet evening at home with a nice piece of fish for dinner, but that plan was unexpectedly interrupted and we found ourselves unmotivated to cook the nice romantic dinner we had hoped for. Instead we simply wanted a nice quiet evening and not think about everything that was looming in our lives. We couldn't agree on where to go, but knew we wanted some place close and reliable. We decided some down home southern cooking was what we were up for and strolled down to Miss Delta for a comforting meal to kick start our second year of marriage.


We weren't planning on anything extravagant, but when we found out Tuesdays is 1/2 off bottles of wine we decided a nice summery Malbec Rose was exactly what we needed to ease into our second year of marriage.

Rose of Malbec

We started off with two appetizers, the Corn and Black Eyed Pea Fritters with Green Chile and Jack Cheese Dip ($6) and the Wedge Salad ($9). Both light and heavy and delicious.

Hush PuppiesWedge Salad

For our entrees we ordered the Gumbo ($14) and the Skirt Steak Special with sides of Pancetta Green Beans and Tomato/Okra Stew ($13).

Shrimp GumboSteak with pancetta grean beans and tomato and okra

The Gumbo totally hit our comfort zone with a little bit of everything over fluffy white rice, we thoroughly enjoyed this dish. The Skirt Steak on the other hand wasn't as good as we had hoped. The green beans were mushy and the stewed tomato/okra was boring and uninteresting.

The restaurant was very quiet when we first arrived and we were able to snag a sunny table up front. As we were finishing up our meal people started to filter in and the place soon became incredibly festival and lively. The service was friendly and it lifted our spirits that a place so close to home could dish up a reliable, homey and economical meal. After the year we've been having some stability and something we could depend on was more than we could hope for. Thanks again Miss Delta.

Miss Delta
3950 N Mississippi
Portland, Oregon


Unknown said...

Happy anniversary, that dinner looks amazing! Wishing you a wonderful weekend!
xo Mary Jo

Buddha Bellies said...

Thank you Mary Jo! Hope your summer is going well.