Monday, August 12, 2013

Bollywood Theater

Please buss your table

Bollywood Theater was cute as can be. Indian Street food served not out of a food cart and at reasonable prices! We ate at the Bollywood Theater during a time when we were we were on doctor's orders to restrict what we eat, so we had to pick and choose what we would allow ourselves. We were avoiding potatoes, which made eating at Bollywood impossible, but we did the best we could. We ordered at the counter, grabbed a seat by an open window and our dishes started arriving shortly after.

Roasted Beets with Coconut and Curry Leaves ($5.50). Nothing too outstanding, fairly standard. We thought the coconut milk would bring out the sweetness of the beets, but it seem to do the exact opposite.

Roasted Beets in Coconut Milk and Curry Leaves

Okra julienned and fried with chile, lime and raita ($5.50). We were looking forward to this dish. Okra - yes! Fried - yes! Chile and Lime - YES! But sadly, nothing outstanding.


Beef Kati Roll ($7.00) - yum! This was delicious! The beef was fork tender and absolutely scrumptious. The doughy roll was a bit much after awhile and I ended up pulling the meat out of the roll, while Mike ate up every last bite, including the doughy bread from my half of the roll. We'd like to go back and try the paneer cheese roll.

Beef Kati Roll

Mumbai Sandwich ($6.00) - vegetable sandwich with cucumbers, potatoes, tomatoes, cheese and beets, grilled and topped with chutneys and sev. This sandwich was an utter disappointment. Nothing noteworthy. We were sad after eating this.

Mumbai Sandwich

Now it may seem we didn't enjoy the food at Bollywood Theater, it wasn't as fantastic as we had hoped, but the menu is extensive, and we're on the mend, so we'll be up for trying some of their other dishes soon. Everything we ate, other than the Kati Roll, just didn't have the aromatic spice punch Indian food is known for. It is a fun restaurant, check out the bathroom when you're there. The video playing is beautiful. We've embedded a link found off their website below.


Bollywood Theater
2039 NE Alberta
Portland, Oregon
11AM - 10PM Daily


Kristi said...

It's too bad you were underwhelmed by Bollywood. I went recently and loved it. (There's a review on my blog) but it is interesting that we ordered none of the same dishes! Ohh well, we can agree that the place is adorable. Hope your summer is going ok.

Buddha Bellies said...

Hi Kristi, we hope to try some of Bollywood's other items soon, but nothing made us want to head back right away. Hope you're enjoying your summer as well.