Saturday, May 18, 2013

Chaba Thai Mother's Day Dinner

I love my family. They know we haven't found any good Thai restaurants in Portland and attempted to rectify that on Mother's Day. "Bring your camera," said my mom.

Corn FrittersSquid SaladChicken LaarbCrispy Duck CurryStir Fry VeggiesPad Thai NoodlesStir Fry with Crispy Wheat NoodlesSeafood Special

First of all, why can't anyone make a decent plate of pad thai noodles? Chaba Thai's was underwhelming to say the least, over sauced, noodles too gummy and no flavor other than the dark "gravy". Also why is it that when you say, no meat or tofu, just the noodles, they toss in vegetables? I want to taste the noodles and noodles only.

Our Mother's Day dinner was fine enough, but nothing that made us say we'll be back. The first three pictures are our appetizers - corn fritters, squid salad and chicken laarb; all three were our favorite dishes, but nothing extraordinary. The crispy duck curry was flavorful and great for the rainy Sunday evening. The egg noodles with pork had no flavor and could have been much spicier. The stirfry vegetables was the dish my mom & I enjoyed the most, and I half-heartedly let her take the rest for lunch. The seafood dish was heavy and again, lacked the layered flavors Thai food really should have. It was a nice meal, but we're still disappointed in the Asian food in Portland. 

5810 NE Sandy Boulevard
Portland, Oregon

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robshak said...

You're so picky.... LOL!!! Can't wait til you find that one restaurant because I will get on a plane and fly out there JUSt to go eat there with you guys!!