Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Canter's Deli (Los Angeles)

We wanted to experience as much of Los Angeles as possible in our short time, and that didn't necessary mean the latest, chicest, or hippest places. We're always looking for an authentic and memorable experience and we wanted to dine at one of LA's yummy and iconic Jewish delis. We had tickets to the Stanley Kubric Exhibit at the LA County Museum, which was just up the road to Canter's Deli, a classic 24-Hour Deli on Fairfax.

Canter's Deli

As we walked into the restaurant we were greeted with these massively stocked bakery cases. This is one of three cases along the wall, and along the opposite wall was an equally long deli display case with a carving station, deli meats and cheese. We were also the youngest people there. 

Display Case

Our waiter greeted us with "would you like some pickles?" Right then and there we knew we were going to like this place. The terrific pickles were crunchy, tasted of mustard and weren't too tart or sweet - delicious.


We rarely find ourselves in a typical breakfast restaurant, and took full advantage of the opportunity and massive menu to order the avocado eggs benedict on a potato pancake rather than an english muffin ($12.95) and one of their award winning waffles ($6.50). When my avocado eggs benedict arrived the pub mustard color of the hollandaise sauce made me a bit skeptical, but once I removed the boobies-looking olives, this was really yuumy. The hollandaise was delicious, creamy, and did not taste of fake lemon as I was expecting by the looks. I completely devoured it. The waffle was perfect. The edge was crunchy and was very hefty. I was easily filled up by just a few bites.

Avocado Benedict on a potato pancakeBest Waffle

Mike ordered the grilled cornbeef hash ($9.50) and matzo ball soup ($6.75). Man oh man, the soup was good, I kept sneaking bites of the fluffy matzo ball and mild broth in between bites of my breakfast. Leave it to us to enjoy the brothy item the most. The corned beef hash was unlike anything we had ever had, it was like a ground corned beef meat loaf where potato, or hash, was the binder. It bit off in texture and taste. We'll just leave it at interesting. The three over-easy eggs were done perfectly and we subbed carrots for toast.

Corned Beef Hash & EggsMatzo Ball Soup

Any place where the first thing the waiter ask you is if you would like some pickles, even for breakfast, is our kind of place.

Canter's Deli
419 North Fairfax Avenue
Los Angeles, California 90036

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