Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Winter Hibernation

We were in winter hibernation mode all weekend, and by winter hibernation I mean we spent the whole weekend cooking and eating. During the winter months I love nothing more than staying up late and sleeping in, which we did plenty of, but we had early afternoon plans to meet up with my dad to learn how to cook one of my favorite soups (separate post to come soon)! Our eagerness to get going early was rewarded with a pot of soup on the stove to be eaten all week, a dinner invitation to eat another bone warming hot pot feast and making/eating one of my favorite things in the whole world - eggrolls! We also spent some time with friends, as well as lots of time in bed reading and cuddling because when it's dark and cold out, who cares what time it is.

Hot Pot
Hot Pot Dining Tray

We also had a reason to bust out our beloved vegetable spinner. A total steal for $12 at our favorite second hand store! We did a test and the Italian brand out-performed the Japanese one we bought years ago. At least we know where we can unload the Japanese one for some quick cash ;)

Spinning CarrotsEggroll Set Up
RollingFryingGolden Brown & Delicious

Our friends stopped by for a visit and our cat even got a visitor.

Zola & Cleo

We ended our weekend reading in bed at an insanely early hour, but was happy as can be to be toasty and warm on a rather dreary and cold winter night. Hope everyone is making the most of the winter!

Reading In Bed

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